Toyota Management System

This Is PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

Because the target condition lies beyond the reach of our flashlight, the path to attaining it cannot be predicted with exactness. Thus, we have to find that path by experimenting. This is the scientific method, which consists of formulating hypotheses […]

Target Condition Thinking

Over time and with practice you should be able to develop a kind of target condition thinking, and Toyota’s concept of “standardized work” helps illustrate what I mean. A “standard” is a description of how a process should operate. It […]

Takt Time – Lean Techniques

Takt time is the rate of customer demand for the group, or family, of products produced by one process. Takt time is used most often at assembly-type processes that serve external customers. Takt time is calculated by dividing the effective […]

Toyota’s Company Business Philosophy and Direction

To understand Toyota’s improvement kata and coaching kata we need to consider two aspects of the context within which they operate: the business philosophy, or purpose, of the company; and its overall sense of direction. The Company’s Business Philosophy The […]

How Are We Approaching Process Improvement?

Improvement and adaptation are critical success factors and tend to take place at the process level. How, then, are we currently trying to improve our processes? Based on observations in many factories, I currently find these main approaches: workshops, value-stream […]

What Defines a Company That Thrives Long Term?

The applause dies down as the next conference speaker approaches the podium. The presentation is going to be about Toyota, and in his first slide the speaker presents some impressive statistics that demonstrate Toyota’s superior performance. The audience is nodding […]