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Build Your Own Lean Learning Enterprise

13 Tips for Transitioning Your Company to a Lean Enterprise

We can learn a great deal from the few companies out there run by experienced and talented lean leaders who have really been successful at effecting change at the cultural level. It is clear there are a variety of ways […]

Why Changing Culture Is So Difficult

Culture change is a complex topic in its own right and the subject of many articles. This became most evident to Toyota in its efforts to globalize in the 1980s. To Toyota, globalization did not mean purchasing capacity in other […]

Six Sigma, Lean Tools, and Lean Sigma: Just a Bunch of Tools?

There are many “tools” approaches to organization improvement. One very popular program, which General Electric adopted with great success, is Six Sigma, an extension of Total Quality Management (TQM). Six Sigma refers to a goal of 3.4 defects per million […]

The Importance of Sustained Leadership Commitment: Two Examples

The first example is the Wiremold Corporation, which was showcased by Womack and Jones in Lean Thinking as a lean exemplar and more recently has been documented in detail by Emiliani et al. (2003) in Better Thinking, Better Results. Wiremold […]