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Seeing Lean Techniques in a New Light

Pull Systems (Kanban) – Lean Techniques

The traditional approach for regulating production, which is still in wide use, is that each process in a value stream gets a schedule. These schedules are based on predictions of what the downstream processes will need in the future. Since […]

Heijunka (Leveling Production) – Lean Techniques

It is a misconception, perhaps stemming from the pull system idea, that Toyota assembles vehicles in the same order in which customers buy them. Someday Toyota would like to have achieved that kind of 1×1 flexibility in its production operations […]

1×1 Production (Continuous Flow) – Lean Techniques

Let us begin by looking at two processes: one without 1×1 flow and one with 1×1 flow. The assembly process depicted below has four workstations, and one operator at each one. There are small quantities of inprocess “buffer” inventory between […]

Takt Time – Lean Techniques

Takt time is the rate of customer demand for the group, or family, of products produced by one process. Takt time is used most often at assembly-type processes that serve external customers. Takt time is calculated by dividing the effective […]