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Planning: Establishing a Target Condition

Establishing a Target Condition

A target condition is developed out of a detailed grasp of the current condition, through direct observation and analysis, coupled with an understanding of the direction, vision, target, or need. You need to adequately understand the current condition in order […]

Target Condition Thinking

Over time and with practice you should be able to develop a kind of target condition thinking, and Toyota’s concept of “standardized work” helps illustrate what I mean. A “standard” is a description of how a process should operate. It […]

Mobilizing Our Improvement Capability

Putting our capability for improvement, resourcefulness, and creativity to use takes managing ourselves in a way that marshals that capability. If people act before having a target condition, they will tend to produce a variety of ideas and opinions about […]

Now Toyota’s Tools Make More Sense

Toyota’s tools and techniques become more understandable, and effective, when we view them in the context of striving to achieve a target condition by working step by step through obstacles. These tools and techniques are subordinate to the routine of […]